War Letters Image- Mar 31, 2015

Enter into the staggeringly beautiful mind of an Alzheimer's patient as she searches for the life and memories her disease has left behind. Based on an actual collection of over 500 love letters written between a pair of newlyweds during World War Two, The War Letters uses verbatim and imagined text, physical theatre, and classic storytelling as two actors explore the mind's eye of Alzheimer's.


Salvaging what is left when memory has been lost to time.





Playwright's Note:


In 2001, my maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and needed full-time, 24 hour a day care.  As we cleaned out her house, my mother, my aunts, and I found over five hundred love letters dating back to 1942 in big black garbage bags in that cluttered Baton Rouge attic. Nestled among old bills and hidden in trunks and random boxes, these letters traced the love and lives of my Grandparents from passionate engagement, my grandfather’s deployment in Europe, through to the War’s end.


There is a play there, I thought.  And my family agreed.


So, twelve years after her descent into Alzheimer’s and ultimate passing- I have written that play.  Told through verbatim and imagined text through the mind’s eye of my grandmother,  The War Letters has grown into a play for two performers,  based on her life and the love that remained steadfast throughout the ravages of her disease.


Small in scope but universal in story,  The War Letters explores one of the world’s fast growing killers,  Alzheimer's Disease, with compassion and heart, drawing awareness to the plight of its victims while giving them the dignity and respect they deserve.


Creative team attached:


Charlotte Purser- Writer, Actor

Tamilla Woodard- Director, Dramaturg

Jens Rasmussen- Actor

Stephen Arnold- Production Designer

Molly Morris- Producer

Now in Residence at tribeca's new theatre, TOWN Stages! Watch this sapce for performance info...